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The Society has a growing library of books, magazines and audio tapes, that are available to members. A large number of the books and tapes are available for postal borrowing within New Zealand. A reference library is available for research at some meetings and by members at other times by arrangement.


Meetings are held periodically at which the Society's library and other resources will be available. Some of these meetings will also have a guest speaker. The meetings are held in Auckland.

June 24th Saturday 11.00am Panmure Library Pilkington Rd.

11.15am Annual General Meeting

12.15pm HeidiSchumpf speaking on digitalisation followed by Garth Houtham sharing information on the Society's database

1.00pm Pot Luck Lunch. Please bring a plate. Tea and coffee provided.

August 11th to 13th

We will have a table at the Auckland Libraries Expo. The societys database will be there


A visit to the Stone Cottage, Panmure. More details to come

The Fencible Bugle.

Six bi-monthly magazines are issued to members, which contain Fencible related articles, details of meetings and new members interests.

January - February 2023

  • Membership Information & Editor p 50 
  • Arrival of the Panmure Fencibles p 51 
  • Elizabeth O’Neill / Hynes / Cullen p 53 
  • Military Records p 54 
  • Monsignor Walter McDonald p 59 
  • Meetings p 60

March - April 2023

  • Membership Information & Editor p 62 
  • Siamese Cottages p 63 Barnard/Bernard (Barny) TYMOND p 65 
  • The Maori Militia Settlement, Mangere p 67 
  • John HOOP - Part 1 p 70 
  • Notice of The NZ Fencible Society Inc AGM p 72 
  • Fencible Meeting Dates for 2023 p 72 

Distribution is by PDF attached to an email

Members joining during the year will receive back copies of the current Volume 

Back copies of the Fencible Bugle - $5 per volume (year) plus $2 postage

Name and subject indexes to the Fencible Bugle - $1 per volume plus $2 postage 




The Royal New Zealand Fencibles 1847-1852.

26 years after publication we have now SOLD OUT.  There are no more copies available.

Published in 1997 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Fencibles to New Zealand.




Face Book

The Society has created a Face Book page as a means for members and other persons interested in the Royal New Zealand Fencible Corp to exchange information or post queries.  We can all use our combined knowledge to help each other and keep the memory of the Fencibles alive.

The site has a few posting and pictures

The URL is: 

The is:  https://www.faceboo  

Please join the group and like.


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